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Dec 24, 2007

The Kerisman Warning - Round 2

via melvin-mah.blogspot.com

If you remember back in July, Kerisman (UMNO Youth Head Hisham Hussein) issued a warning at the MCA to stop saying things that Malaysia is a secular state (a true fact) and fighting to get it right, whereas UMNO wanted to say that Malaysia is an Islamic State.

And now....Kerisman's Warning Round 2: We Will Break Ties With You (Gerakan) if Explanation is Unsatisfactory

So then, silently, Gerakan decides to act against the macha who broke the ranks but then as Malaysiakini said, they are shocked to hear that thing coming out from one of their own.

Give me a break!

I feel that there is something wrong here. If there is a guy who breaks ranks with the pack because he thinks that he knows the facts correctly and speaks out, do you reprimand him for that kind of action? Our friend in scrutiny is doing the right thing for a better good. Instead, UMNO starts making noises over the thing that they are actually in the wrong and point fingers at others. True, there are some things that deliberately started by UMNO themselves as dirty tactics to gain all Malay support.

Are they trying to say that nobody in the coalition should rock the boat, even though one of them knows the facts and truth that there is something wrong with the boat? Is that what is implied in Kerisman's statement? Shut up this, shut up that? Is that the only thing Kerisman is saying in his role as UMNO Youth figurehead? Sounds unfair right, if you can wave the dagger in the assembly whereas Gerakan cannot do that thing again using a kungfu sword and say "Hidup Gerakan"?

I am not sure of what is Gerakan's next move. Is it keeping their head down for now? Or accept the points of our friend is posing and tell the rest? I would prefer the latter, for there should be some fixing to do here. In fact, this would not happen if MIC does things earlier rather than the desperation shown by Samy Vellu now. If they just keep silent, then the rot goes on and on and on...

Let's recall the shape of a Malay dagger. Is it straight?

He just can't think straight ahead!


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