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Jan 19, 2008

Simple Tips To Gain Votes From Villagers In The Next G.E.

Malaysiatoday - Understanding those people in the villagers with simple background and lifestyle (not to say that they are not intelligent), the following are simple tips that those political party can act on during their campaigns.

Do not create hatred against the present government but talk about simple policy that the government had gone wrong. Do not talk about FDI, stock market and all that. Do not talk about development like the WPI, Northern corridor, Southern corridor and all that. Talk about simple matters and simple issues that are close to their hearts. Make it simple. Justify in layman terms about issues that were wrongly handled by the government that affect the majority of them.

Ask them what we can do about it. Do not give them empty promises. List them all. Do not exaggerate things. Just make them think that why the present government cannot address that simple issues. Ask them what actually happen to this government official. Just ask but do not accuse the official. The people will provide you with the answer. Help them to give you the answer. Could it be that the official just does not care? Is salary not enough that they have to resort to other things to meet their ends need? Why after increased in salary, their efficiency is no better than before. Do not talk about taxpayer money. They will not understand if they do not pay tax (Orang kampong mana bayar cukai beb).

Bombard their sub-conscious – Is it right that when salary are paid they fail to deliver satisfactory services.

  • Ask them - how many wrongs can make it right?
  • Can we give the present government another chance?.
  • Can the people wait another 5 years from now?
  • Can you wait another 5 years after that? You might not be there another round. Are you sure that you will be around another 5 years from now?



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