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Apr 27, 2008


Terima kaseh Rasabijak ....

dan tonton clip berikut, serta Keterangannya ...

The sea ice at the North Pole is only a few feet thick. It floats on an ocean that is 14,000 feet deep. And it's cracking under our feet. A global warming expert suggests what to do... Everything you hear -- all the chugging and huffing and banging -- is the ice beneath us.

Read about it in my new book THE NORTH POLE WAS HERE. First Chapter free online at www.nytimes.com/learning/globalwarming

I'm Andrew Revkin. I cover global warming and other environemtnal issues for The New York Times. Search for my stories on Al Gore's new movie, "An Inconvient Truth," on President Bush's climate policies, and more.
My other multimedia work on the Arctic is here:
www.nytimes.com/pages/science/sciencerep ort
global warming global warming

No2umnO - Mungkin dah sampai masanya kita lupakan soal kereta dan beli kapal layar .....Pada yang tak berduit macam wak, kita mulakan membeli dayung sampan, lepas tu, pelampung dan seterusnya?


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