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May 5, 2008

Buying nails for the coffin

ALiran -The BN, especially Umno, has an inexhaustible supply of characters like Najib, keris-kisser Hishammuddin, Nazri, Muhammad Taib, Azalina, Toyo — just to name a few - who have fantastic talent to screw up things by word or deed and thereby cause the BN to self-destruct. Our special correspondent sizes up the BN's dire predicament.

It has often been given out by BN leaders that this country practises democracy. These clueless leaders do not know what makes a country truly democratic — rule of law, not by law, freedom of speech, freedom of the print and electronic media, human rights, independent institutions such as the civil service, judiciary, ACA, Election Commission, Registrar of Societies, the right of dissent and assembly etc. Draconian laws such as the ISA, OSA, Universities and University Colleges Act, the destruction of all independent institutions and the police acting as tools of the BN have destroyed the foundations of our democratic country.

On 8 March the tsunami hit BN and the Opposition gained control of five states. In these states files containing incriminating evidence of corruption and administrative malpractices have either been destroyed or gone missing. The first nail for the BN coffin in the next elections has been bought.

Federal Government commitment and funds for development and tourism promotion projects in the opposition-held states have not been forthcoming. Azalina’s cancellation of promised funding for all tourism promotion projects in the five states adds another nail for the BN coffin. One more nail has been bought for the BN coffin. more...


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