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May 5, 2008

The 'MESSAGE' from Raja Petra

I received a phone call early this morning saying that the police have contacted YB William Leong to inform him they will be taking me in today. It was not made clear whether it would be to take my statement, which they failed to get from me last Friday, or whether I am to be detained or charged. Nevertheless, I am on standby, waiting for them to phone me to ‘surrender’ myself to Bukit Aman, or for them to come to my house to arrest me. Either way I am waiting and am quite prepared for the prospect that this may be my last article for quite some time to come.
ImageWhat is Islam?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I attended a dinner a few weeks ago and amongst the 30 or 40 in attendance was one MCA chap who admitted he had contested the general election twice but lost on both counts. If he had contested the recent election he would have made it a perfect score of three. As they say in the US, three times and you’re out.

The host asked me to say a few words, which I did, and this was followed by a questions and answers session. Amongst the questions was one posed by the MCA chap. He wanted to know if I am still a Muslim as what I write gives an impression I have left Islam.

I noticed that the host was a bit uncomfortable. He said that that is a very personal question and added they should refrain from posing personal questions. He then turned to me and said I need not reply if I did not wish to do so. But I did wish to reply and I did.

I do not blame this MCA chap for asking me that. Being Chinese and a non-Muslim he probably does not understand what Islam is all about. In fact, many Muslims themselves do not understand Islam and to them Islam is merely the five rukun or rituals that all Muslims must perform to get ‘confirmed’ as a Muslim. more...


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