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May 16, 2008

Go on and marry No. 4, say wives of odd-job worker

Happy man: Mohamed Nor leading his wives Kalthum, Wan Rukiah and Noraini out of the Kuala Terengganu Syariah High Court yesterday. The court will decide on Sunday his application to take a fourth wife

theSTar - [...] However, Mohamed Nor’s three wives – Wan Rukiah Mat Yusof, 52, Kalthum Dollah, 39 and Noraini Daud, 40 – asked the court to allow their husband to take a fourth wife.

During the court proceeding, Sheik Ahmad jestingly asked Mohamed Nor to reveal his secret.

To this Mohamed Nor replied: “I don’t have any secret but I believe I have been fair to all of them”.

Sheikh Ahmad also asked Mohamed Nor to prove through his bank account that he was financially able to support a fourth wife and to bring his prospective bride, Suzi Sulong, 35, together with a “wali” (man who gives away the bride) and the court would decide on his request this Sunday.>> selanjutnya
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mangchikla said...

ahem ... org "kebas anu nyer" boleh kawin lagi ke?

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