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May 9, 2008

NS: Why girl not sent to hospital earlier?

MStar - National service (NS) trainee Too Hui Min (pic) had complained of constipation for three days before she died and her family wants to know why camp officials did not take her to the hospital earlier.

Her mother, Chin Kwee Choo, 52, said she was told by the Geo Kosmo National Service Training Camp staff in Kuala Kubu Baru that her daughter had complained of constipation for several days.

“But they said she only started to complain of pain when she went to the shooting range in Banting on Wednesday morning,” she said, adding that even then the camp authorities should have taken her to the hospital at once.

She said someone from the camp called her four times on Wednesday, with the first call at 8pm, to say that Hui Min was being taken to hospital, followed by another call at 9pm to say she was having problems urinating.
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