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May 9, 2008

Police: This Candle Light Vigil Is Cancelled....Until We Say So!

melvin-mah - [...] Together with Howsy and Wattahack with Galadriel coming in later, we attempted to enter the square grounds and the Royal Selangor Club but were barred from doing so with exception of the police, club members or the media. However, we could only take pictures from the barricade.

At one point, Batu MP Tian Chua with Hishamuddin Rais met with a high-ranking police officer and they were allowed to enter with a handful number of members of the public until two officers blocked the small path heading to the club.

Later on, we had learned that lawyer Haris Ibrahim had been taken away by the police to a police station and was released with help of Edmund Bon, and there has been an altercation between the police and the club members. The club management got into an interference where there were too many guests unregistered entered the club premises and there was not much of control on who came in. The bottom line was that police personnel were not allowed into the private premise.

A few people who managed to get into the grounds encountered policemen especially a few arrogant officers who were bragging and calling them 'playing the hero'. We also learned that the high-ranking police officer who had confronted some noted people including Haris and giving the orders at the vicinity of the Club is none other than ACP Zulkarnain Rahman, the very same police officer who stopped Anwar Ibrahim's speech at the Sultan Sulaiman club on Black 14.

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