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May 25, 2008

Pedra Branca & South Ledge Also Belong To Johor !!!

bukitchandan -


After deliberaton, our group's leader would like to convey the following:

1. Pedra Branca ('Pulau Batu Putih') and South Ledge ('Tubir Selatan') belong to Johor since the olden days, now and forever.

2. These lands are part of the Johor Sultanate including Singapore and they are our heritage.

3. As long as Singapore is not given back to Johor, there shall be no peace in Singapore forever.

4. The judges in ICJ are not impartial and they have sided Singapore in this matter.

End Statement.

1. Our leader was once there in the Palace of Johor in the olden days and he affirms that Singapore, Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and the South Ledge are part of the Johor Sultanate then. These lands are ours until the end of time.

2. We claim that these lands are part of the heritage of the Johor Sultanate. Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah of Perak, the consort of Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Mahmud Iskandar who is the Crown Prince of Johor, are our families. We will never give up these lands again forever.

3. Singapore shall never be peaceful as long as she is not returned to Johor. This is the price she has to pay when she left Johor and Malaysia.

4. We condemn the judges in ICJ for being unjust and had sided with Singapore in this matter. As long as they are unjust and firm in their decisions on this matter, they shall never have peace of mind forever and shall be accountable for all their injustices to us and to all humans all over the World.

Best Regards.


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