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May 10, 2008

Umno must go!

misschickenkiller - [...] It is not the case that Malaysians are not ready to discuss these "sensitive" subjects with decorum and intelligence. As Raja Petra later revealed, the Putri Umno people actually hired paid staff to saturate his website with venomous garbage, probably to diminish the credibility of his blog, and to get him into trouble.

raja petra released from prison 090508 04I am certain that in a democratic, open, and enlightened Malaysian society, such hot topics can be discussed publicly without causing people rioting on the streets. But in Malaysia, the spectre of Malaysians with extremely religious and ethnic sensitivities causing riots on the street has always been a dominant myth in the Umno narrative.

Respect for Raja Petra

I was worried for Raja Petra then, and I sent him an e-mail expressing my concern for his personal liberty. He shot back a reply saying he was not going to give up his battle with certain "Malays"!

So now, he is being persecuted under the stupid Sedition Act. .

I have not met Raja Petra personally. Our contact was limited to a few exchanges of e-mails and a telephone conversation. But he so pours his heart out on his website that you cannot but feel as if you know him personally. He is combative, but courteous, courageous certainly, and candid without losing his common sense. He is one of the few Malaysians for whom I have endless respect and admiration.
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