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Jun 23, 2008

BayiSingh & his new Mercedes Benz

maverickysm - I sent this guy to Angola to look for my buddy BayiSingh who has been untraceable for some months.

This guy told me he took a wrong flight and landed in Copacabana to do everything (except looking for BayiSingh).

And suddenly BayiSingh wrote to me to say he is back to Malaysia but is resting at Genting Highland. And my guy said he is now in Namibia looking for Bayi. Bludy One Long Dick; that's his name; such a dickhead.

BayiSingh is back in KL after spending two weeks with Lim Goh Tong. And, you know what? He bought a new Mercedes Benz. I have not seen one like his before... look at the pictures

...... selanjutnya.


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