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Jun 23, 2008

Where is all the tax money going?

malaysiatoday - [...] I do not want to elaborate on sales tax though it is a substantial form of revenue but I would like to touch on stamp duty. I remember paying about RM20,000 in stamp duty when I bought my house recently.

And I am just one person. What about the thousands who transact property everyday? Thousands of sale and purchase agreements for properties are done daily.

Stamp duty alone is this formula:

i) for the 1st RM100,000.000 - 1% i.e. 1/100 x RM100,000.00 = RM1,000

ii) for the next RM400,000.00 or part thereof - 2% i.e. 2/100 x RM400,000.00=RM8,000

iii) above RM500,000.00 - 3% i.e. 3/100 x any sum above RM500,000

So,the government makes loads of money from just stamp duty on property alone. Maybe its high time to channel a substantial sum to building more universities and hospitals?

And don't forget personal income tax which also brings in billions. The list goes on, house assessment rates, quit rent, road tax etc.

Malaysia is blessed with little calamities. Unlike other countries where there are earthquakes and tornados which cause billions in damage, we don't have to fork out a lot of money to repair damaged infrastructure or in aid for victims of natural calamities.

Just where is all the government revenue going?

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Edward Ott said...

That seems to be quite the universal question, where is all the tax money going? more specifically where is all my tax money going?

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