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Jun 23, 2008

Shahrir Confirmed Kickdefella’s Finding

kickdefella - [...] In page 8 in today ( Monday, June 23, 2008 ) New Straits Times, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Shahrir Abdul Samad was reported as saying, “…last year the subsidy bill, excluding food and fuel was RM9.2 B”.

With that Shahrir confirmed Kickdefella’s finding that fuel subsidy (and food too) is not in the treasury reports and also not included in the budget.

Shahrir however contradict himself when he points out that, “Add food and fuel and it (the subsidy spent) came to over RM30 B”.

There seems Shahrir himself is getting dumber and dumber each day.

• How can government spent RM30B extra without reporting it to Parliament.
• How can government used extra RM30B and it goes unrecorded in the Treasury records.
• Why did the government did not reveal the real amount she spend or planning to spend it in the budget when they presented it to the Parliament each year.
• The Second Finance Minister, Nor Yakcob claimed the government spent RM35B alone for fuel subsidy but Shahrir claimed RM30B and that already included food subsidy too.
• What is the actual amount the government spent on subsidy?
• Is there other subsidy too that the government spent such as “Subsidy for Abdullah’s daily usage of diapers” or “Rosmah’s C4 allocation” which goes unrecorded?
• Do the government actually spend money for subsidy?

My fellow Malaysian, does the government actually spend money on subsidy?

My findings show that the amount of subsidy which government claimed totalling from RM30B to RM50B depending on whose big mouth you want to believe is not recorded anywhere. If the government actually spend those amounts, it should be listed in their reports.... selanjutnya.


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