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Jun 4, 2008

June 5: A Killing Moment For Malaysians

melvin-mah - 'Flip-Flop' Dollah Badawi has thrown every working citizen in major towns that have vehicles in chaos announcing that the price of oil would be up by another 78 cents to $2.70 per liter from tomorrow onwards, which is another 40 percent increase from the last price of $1.92 in February 2006. However, there will be an annual rebate of $625 for under 2000cc vehicles / $120 more motorcycles under 250cc, which will be given upon renewal of road tax. But it does little to make people happy.

There Will Be Screaming

What will happen tomorrow? According to a interview article by Malaysiakini, people, consumer organizations and activists are starting to scream particularly at Dollah Badawi for a sudden decision. The much better alternative is to announce that and introduce on the go from August 1. That will give people more time to get use to the pounding situation that is now. The people still remain unhappy now that the cost will spill over to the cost of food and transport which is going to tax other people. Of course, Dollah Badawi will say, 'I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do.' But they are not going to buy that thing.... selanjutnya.


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