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Jun 1, 2008

Malaysia pins renewed hopes on missing letter

malaysiainsider - The search for a missing document is mounted by the Foreign Ministry for Malaysia in a new effort to regain sovereignty of Pulau Batu Puteh which has been awarded by the International Court of Justice to Singapore on May 23.

There may be huge complication, though. It may lead to Singapore having custody of the this old letter written by British Governor William T. Butterworth seeking approval from the Sultan of Johor to build the Horburgh Lighthouse on Batu Puteh or Pedra Branca, as the island republic calls it.

However, the best possibility is that the British, known for meticulously collating historical records, would have it, if it still exists.

But why go through all this trouble when ICJ rulings are not subject to appeal? Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim believes there is a loophole — judicial review of a case within 10 years.

"If we can gain sight of that letter, the gate can be opened again. There is a maximum 10-year period but preferably it should be done within six years," Rais told The Sunday Star.

"The letter could be in London, the British being too good at archiving. We have searched with them but it has not been conclusively proven that they don’t have it.... selanjutnya.


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