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Jul 27, 2008

ANWAR-”51 Days-Clock Ticks”

audie61 | If you ask any Pakatan Rakyat member not necessarily YBs or MPs they will tell you that September 16th to wrestle power from the present government is definately “ON”. Just like a football bookie will say to his punter on the cellphone “ON” We’ve heard the Prime Minister-in-waiting saying to crowds in ceramahs that Pakatan will form the government by concensus and we’re not changing the deadline. If PR forms the government by September 16th many within PR will say to me,”I told you so.” I will have my hands though covering my face.Hmmm..if only.

Malaysiakini portal has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86803 and in it it also covers Anwar mentioning that September 16th is still “On”. You have 51 days according to our latest count on the calender and 35 days to August 31st”National day” The appetiser was served by PR to BN in Parliament when the “Lioness’ moved a no confidence vote against the PM. Of course the main course will be September 16th. The clock ticks and when an UMNO veteran says this words it does gets the pulse racing,” ‘Umno is a good party, like a good ship. But like a good ship, if it’s in the hands of a drunk pilot, it will sink!’

Anwar,Dr.M,Abdul Hadi and Nik Aziz has been hogging the headlines the past week or so. We thought that the PAS/UMNO issue seems to have been settled with the PAS president Abdul Hadi giving assurance that PAS will not join UMNO. Then came a “bombshell” today with the spiritual leader proposed “UMNO should dissolve,PAS should dissolve”Set up another party on condition that it is based on Islam. Nik Aziz who rarely gets into a war of words must have been pretty angry as Dr.M has dragged himself in by saying,” UMNO should not leave its partners out when making deals with PAS.” Anwar watches on the sidelines after a couple of weeks of eventful events with the IGP,AG and also the “DNA” issue.... selanjutnya.


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