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Jul 19, 2008

Political Report from The Grapevines 18/07/2008

Malaysiawaves | ....3.0 Najib Tun Razak is NEVER fighter. He has never fought a fight ever in his 40 years career in UMNO. He has advanced himself in UMNO by the grace of his lineage and by his ability to side with the right camp in UMNO. And the important positions he received are presented to him on a silver platter.

3.1 Information i received from deep inside Ministry of Finance (MOF) says that
Najib is giving away a lot of contracts to Generals in the Army

3.2 Apparently, this is the only way Najib knows how to get loyalty and
cooperation. Now Army Generals are only interested in making personal wealth
rather than anything else.

3.3 Therefore, by corrupting the Generals, Najib is able to get total
cooperation from them in fulfilling his political ambition.

3.4 For instance, in the last election, the army contribet 200k postal votes for
UMNO. And on election day around 1200 hrs the postal votes were brought to
Putra World Trade Center for UMNO to distribute to their trouble areas.

3.5 However, on that day, there was a big quarell between Najib and Khairy
Jamaluddin on how the postal votes should be distributed. And since the
Generals were on Najib side, Najib managed to get a lion share of the postal
votes. It helped Najib to retain Pahang with such a big majority.

3.6 Najib has also created disessension among the Army since the Colonels are
kept out of the "money loop". SInce there is not enough money to go around

3.7 It is sad that before Najib current tenure as Minister of Defence, the Army
Generals still maintain their integrity and respectibility. 10 years under
Najib, all credibility are now flushed down the toilet.

3.8 How can Malaysians rely on a Prime Minister like Najib Tun Razak who has
never fought for anything in his life and gets his way by buying his way
thru using public funds?

3.9 Najib lacks any quality of a true leader. But what can we expect from
someone who has never felt hardship even for a minute in his entire life. He
was silver spoon fed directly to the Timbalan Perdana Menteri position.... selanjutnya.


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