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Aug 28, 2008

Raja Petra sudah benar benar marah

Malaysiatoday sudah di sekat aksesnya dan ini membuatkan Raja blog Malaysia, Raja Petra betul betul marah dengan cakap dolak dalik kerajaan ...

Ini ikrar nya,

“The Government has clearly broken its own promise,” said Raja Petra yesterday. Asked whether he was notified of the reasons of the blocking, he answered no.

“I will turn this into a big issue, no doubt. When it is known that the Government has violated the charter, MSC will die. I will personally see to it,” he said.

TMnet, the country's biggest ISP, Maxis and Time refused to comment.

However, at 11.30pm, a check by The Star found that Malaysia Today has launched a mirror site which can be easily accessed. - Star
MSC? .... siap la kau


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