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Aug 21, 2008

When BPR is Practicing Selective Investigation

malaysianwaves |

[...] According to Mat Saman Kati’s blog, the attempt was made several times:

  1. Apparently, the main operator behind the entrapment is a guy name Imran, sent directly from BPR Putrajaya.
  2. First in the form of a business proposal involving the building of a shipyard in Bagan Datoh. Imran made all the necessary paperwork but the two excos refused to entertain the proposal because it does not fall under their portfolio.
  3. Then Imran wanted to donate RM5000 for the Permatang Pauh elections. So, they met up with Jamaluddin which happens to be the PKR State treasurer. But, Jamaluddin refused to accept and asked them to donate directly to PKR Permatang Pauh
  4. Finally, on the day when Usaili and Osman was about to meet up to go to Permatang Pauh, Imran sprung his trap.
  5. The two waited at the Kluang Cafe, Ipoh Raya and they were actually waiting for Jamaluddin but Jamaluddin couldn’t make it
  6. Imran, realizing Jamaluddin wasn’t going to show up, came up to the Usaili and Osman with a woman carrying a suitcase.
  7. He sat and left the suitcase on the table. The moment Imran left, the BPR came and arrested the Usaili and Osman.
  8. The BPR ordered Osman to open the suitcase but Osman refuse. So, one BPR personell opened the suitcase and there is RM100k in the suitcase.
  9. Jamaluddin was never there during the entire incident. In fact, he was already in Permatang Pauh. He came back and then was arrested and remanded.
  10. He was then charged with accepting bribe of RM5k for the money he refused to accept initially from the BPR/UMNO operative from Putrajaya name Imran.

Notice as well the BPR made several contradictory statements with regards to the issue:

  1. The claim they arrested all 2 excos at the scene of the crime, when Jamaluddin actually surrendered himself much later
  2. Jamaluddin is never arrested for the crime alledged to have happened at the Kluan Café, Ipoh Raya
  3. BPR claim that the act was commited in a hotel room and that ALL of them was arrested in a hotel room in Ipoh. Yet, the entire incident occurred in Kluang Café and not in a hotal room at all.
  4. During the arraignment the BPR confessed that the investigating officer for this case has just been appointed. How can that be when the arrest has already been made?
It seems, that all have been freed today and only Jamaluddin has been kept until tomorrow for questioning.
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