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Sep 22, 2008

No more PLKN, no matter what

Star | ... Now, they are traumatised at the thought of their only surviving child, Jane, 17, being selected to undergo NS training and are adamant not to let her go.

“We are not going to push our luck this time. She will stay with us at home no matter what,” added Lim, 46, yesterday who is a renovation worker from Tanjung Kling.

Jane (left) and Meng Yeok holding up a photo of Ricky as Lim looks on in Malacca Sunday.

“If the authorities want to catch anyone, just take us both. We will not let her go.”

Although they do not blame the authorities for the son’s death, the couple said they could not risk losing Jane.

“Our family was only just recently united after Ricky’s three-month absence from home,” he said during a press conference held by Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

I think they should watch "Saving Private Ryan"


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