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Oct 11, 2008

Banning Hindraf will be futile

malaysiainsider| ....Mostly likely Hindraf would be declared an illegal or extremist group like Al Arqam, which was banned in 1994. Hindraf leaders could also be prosecuted for various “offences” as there are numerous statues that can be thrown at them for alleged “illegal” activities.

The question, however, is should Hindraf be banned at all? And why now?

Is it because Hindraf, as a minority within a minority, is easily and safely used as a favourite whipping boy for Umno leaders as they battle for positions in the party elections?

Or is it because Hindraf has won over enough of the Tamil underclass and is growing in size and would eventually become an indispensable pillar of strength for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat?

The government cannot just ban Hindraf and declare it an extremist organisation simply because it gatecrashed a Hari Raya do or did not shake hands with national leaders or shouted "Abolish ISA!"

Whatever the reasons, banning Hindraf now is an unwise move, one that could potentially make the situation worst.

Hindraf is more of a movement than an organisation or a political party.

It has no symbol, no membership, no organisational chart and no ideology. It has no expressed agenda beyond helping Indians. It has no constitution nor an order of battle.

And yet it has made its presence felt in the country with its numerous demonstrations, candlelight vigils across the country and in gatecrashing Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's office and functions on numerous occasions.... selanjutnya.


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