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Oct 8, 2008

Cyberjaya ... Projek FAIL !!!

Mstar | ...The original vision of a unique and sophisticated modern township is fast becoming faintly gloomy, with the haphazard parking and poor enforcement.

While the infrastructure, cyber laws, policies and practices tailored for the Cyberjaya population are in place, the large working community in the township has nothing but disdain for the Sepang Municipal Council’s (MPSp) town planning and maintenance efforts.

Even a foreign national has commented that Cyberjaya is no longer the city he knew when he first arrived there a few years ago.

“The city has turned out to be not so intelligent after all. There is no proper planning and it has become like any other city or town here. It has lost its uniqueness,’’ he said.

The foreign national is obviously referring to the long line of cars parked along the roads, with double-parking in some instances, cars parked along yellow-lines and lack of directional signboards.... selanjutnya.


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