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Oct 28, 2008

Ethos Capital eyeing KWSP's RM300 billion ?

Minsider | ...Writing in his popular chedet.com blog today, Malaysia's former PM accused Ethos Capital of being a "hedge fund" and suggested the firm was eyeing RM300 billion from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

"Look at the role of ECM Libra. Will Ethos, who are also linked to the Fourth Floor, become another ECM Libra?

"They (Ethos) are interested in getting a portion of the EPF worth some RM300 billion, to manage its investments, apparently with returns of up to 40 per cent."

Dr Mahathir said Najib should remember what happened to Orange County in the United States as it went bankrupt a number of years ago due to investments in hedge funds.... selanjutnya.
Another ECM Libra in the making ...


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