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Oct 14, 2008

I disagree Mr PM.

Sorrylah Mr PM.... I am not convinced!

mvnathan | The PM says that we the rakyat should not pay heed to all the allegations against the DPM. He says "I don't believe that Najib had abused his powers. If he did how can he be my successor ? I believe that he is a good person and that he will be a good PM".

Sorrylah Mr PM I don't buy it one bit. I think that at the moment there is one allegation too many against that Najib chap. I am of the opinion that there are simply too many questions regarding Najib presently and his possible involvement in that infamous murder.Didn't that PI Bala "implicate" Najib in his SD ? Anyway.... what has happened to that PI Bala ? Where has he gone to ? Why did he disappear ? Did the police investigate the PI's SD ? What is the outcome of the investigations ? Why did PI Bala retract his SD and then disappear ? What about the missing immigration records of the dead woman ? ... selanjutnya.


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