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Oct 9, 2008

PKR branch chief lodges report against Umno man

Star | A PKR branch chief has lodged a police report against his Umno counterpart for attacking him at a restaurant after accusing him of vandalism.

The incident allegedly took place around midnight when the Taman Cempakasari branch chief Ahmad Nazri Mustafa was sitting at the restaurant in Jalan Haji Sirat with his friends yesterday.

Ahmad said that his counterpart came with several others and accused him of tearing down a poster of Sementa state assemblyman Datuk Rahman Palil.

“Before I could respond, he start­ed punching me in the face,’’ claimed Ahmad after lodging the report at the Klang district police station.

Ahmad Nazri, 45, said he then went to the Tengku Ampuan Rahi­mah Hospital for treatment of his right eye.... selanjutnya.


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