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Oct 9, 2008

Are we C4-ed?

eugeneyong | .... Abdullah we all know as he has shown- is sleepy, not so bright and never really brought around changes he promised.

Najib, on the other hand, never really was a popular man with the people on the streets has his credibility tainted by his association with the Altantunya murder case which refuses to go away- until RPK was taken into the draconian ISA.

If Najib does become PM in March, he's got a lot of shit to sort out. Our economy is on the brink of being in tethers if nothing is done. Evidently, nothing is being done now. Is he qualified enough? Never really saw him as an economist. Then again who is?

And what has happened to the Other PM in waiting? Probably lying low while UMNO sorts out which goon heads the country, then plotting his next step closer to Putrajaya.

916 may have passed and the trail seem to have gone cold but never discount anything from the man.... selanjutnya.


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