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Oct 9, 2008

Pak Lah to give way to Najib...any difference?

simpodkoruk | It's official, Pak Lah will not be defending his post in UMNO and will step down as PM in March next year. Najib is the one that are being nominated to replace him. So, are there going to be any differences? Most importantly will it bring any difference to Sabah? Let's see...

1. UMNO would still exist which mean the "'Melayu Baru" a.k.a "PTI with Mykad" will still be there, alive and kicking.
2. The same government still in power so Sabah will still be the same as before. Being the last state (even though Sabah was supposed to had her own Federal Government) in education and economy.
3. Sabah will still be marginalize since Sabahan will still be considred as 2nd class citizen due to this race base party policy.
4. New leader but the same story, again.
You might say it is still early la to make such assumptions. Well, Najib is obviously more favored by the Malay since he is pro-Malay or some might use the term 'racist' (sorry la Anwar..you are seen as traitor by the Malay). So, same story la.. Cronies will still there, NEP still used; which supposed to help the Bumiputera but as you can see, Sabah is the poorest even though there are a lot of Bumiputera here. So NEP is just helping the Malayan Bumiputera.... selanjutnya.


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