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Nov 29, 2008

ACA lodges police report over PKR

malaysianinisder | The Negeri Sembilan Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) today lodged a police report over an allegation by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) that ACA officers were the stooges of Umno.

ACA investigating officer Ting Ing Ping said he made the report at the Seremban 2 district police headquarters to have an independent body conduct an investigation into the allegation.

"If we (ACA) conduct the probe, it will become an issue. Let another party investigate. Obviously, we are hurt," he told reporters after lodging the report.

Ting said that though the PKR allegation was directed at the ACA director-general and the Negeri Sembilan ACA director, it had tarnished the good name of the 50 ACA officers and staff serving in the state.

Negeri Sembilan PKR secretary Nor Azizi Abd Aziz yesterday claimed that the ACA's investigations into Umno leaders often came to a dead end unlike the probes into PKR politicians.


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