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Nov 29, 2008

PKR Congress

thedesirefornothing | ..... The speakers in the debate session in the second half of the afternoon were spirited and fresh. But I can’t really compare to the UMNO General Assembly as I’ve not attended one. Watching it live on TV in 2006 did not particularly impress me. The only part that shocked me was when Pak Lah said that year that UMNO would be fair to all races.

Also, I didn’t spot any ZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz delegates. Well they sure didn’t ZzzzzZzzzzzz on stage.

I met a few new people, said hi to Shamsul Iskandar, Youth Chief, who told me that PKR has been flooded by about 100,000 new members from the time of dying branches prior to March 8 and Anwar Ibrahim’s return to active politics.

In a way, I feel glad for the party.

In another way, the party has changed from a club of steadfast cultists to a more mature and adept political outfit. Although they still lack ground presence, Barisan crossovers have added more experienced politicians who can probably drive the party at the grassroots level.

“The character of the party has changed,” said an ex-MCA branch youth chief who crossed to PKR after March 8. “PKR’s message is worth fighting for.”... more.


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