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Nov 29, 2008

Khalid slams PKR members for behaving like Umno

malaysianinsider | Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today slammed party members who are behaving like Umno members and said that the state has been providing a lot of opportunities to everyone regardless of race or political affiliation.

“In Selangor, we have been providing opportunities in education and in economy for the youth to enjoy the benefit of development,” said Khalid in his welcoming remarks at the PKR annual national congress, in an apparent reply to PKR Youth delegates who claimed that they have been sidelined by the government.

He warned party members to refrain from corrupt practices which he said was the norm in a BN administration.

“It is indeed very unfortunate if there are members or PKR supporters who reacted negatively for not being awarded projects in Pakatan-led governments,” said Khalid.

“We must understand the PKR’s aspiration, philosophy and policies in rejecting corruption and in upholding justice regardless of race and background,” he added.

Khalid said he understands that some party members used to be members of BN parties but urged them to cleanse themselves of corrupt practices.... more.
Dengar la nasihat Ketua PKR Selangor yang baru 2 tahun jadi ahli..... wakakakakakak
Kalau nak orang dengar nasihat kita ... kita kena dengar nasihat orang. Kalau satu pihak je bagi nasihat ...Poooorahhhhh !!!!


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