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Nov 18, 2008

Taking a second bite of the cherry


Raja Petra Kamarudin
Today, at 3.00pm, I have to, yet again, report to the Sentul Police Station. It seems the police wish to record my statement, which is a nicer way of saying that I am going to be interrogated. Under Section 112 of the CPC, the police have a right to ‘record’ your statement and:

1) You must answer all questions (you may of course reply by saying that you do not wish to reply to the question which is considered answering the question).
2) If you lie then the police can charge you.
3) If you tell the truth then what you say can be used to charge you.
In other words, if you refuse to open you mouth you die. If you lie, you also die. And if you tell the truth you also die. Either way you die. There is no escape.

According to the police, in September 2008, four people from JAKIM and the religious department made a police report against me. What was said in the police report and under which section of the law they are going to record my statement is not known yet and will only be told to me later today.... selanjutnya.

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mangchikla said...

Muakaaakakakka ingatkan "pop the cherry"

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