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Nov 18, 2008

Karpal wants CJ to quit for lying about graft

malaysiainsider | DAP chairman Karpal Singh wants new Chief Justice Tan Sri Zaki Azmi to step down within a week for lying about graft, failing which the Bukit Gelugor MP intends tol reveal an audio recording of Zaki admitting to bribing court officials.

Karpal, who heads the parliamentary caucus on the integrity and independence of the judiciary, said he would file a motion against Zaki for having misled the country with his “so-called clarification” unless the Chief Justice resigns.

“We cannot have a Chief Justice who lies, simple as that,” Karpal Singh told reporters here today, adding: “We must start with integrity. There is no point having independence without integrity.”... selanjutnya.
Lepas ni kalau sapa sapa kena hukum kerana rasuah .. boleh rujuk sejarah Zaki ....
Gerenti lepas .. wakakakakakak


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