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Nov 5, 2008

When a backbencher MP uses the word ‘bastard’

sunrise | Since the start of the Parliament sitting in April 2008 which follows the 12th General Election on 8 March 2008, there were at least 2 MPs being suspended by the Speaker, Pandikar Amin Mulia. The 2 MPs incidently were Gobind Singh Deo (DAP - Puchong) and his father Karpal Singh (DAP - Bukit Gelugor).

In the case of Gobind Singh, several months ago, once he told the Speaker “go ahead and use it (power)” and the Speaker did use his power to suspend him for 2 days.

And recently, Karpal Singh told the Speaker to be serious, and the Speaker also suspended him for 2 days.

However, we have not seen the Speaker take any suspension action against any backbenchers for their grossly rude behaviour. For example, Bung Mokhtar (BN - Kinabatangan) shown a vulgar sign in the august house some time around July, but no action was taken against him.

The Kinabatangan MP is full of controversy, what more with his sexist bocor remarks against an Opposition female MP last year and his constant name calling of others as binatang (animal) in the past. In return, he is frequently called the orangutan, as his constituency is famous for the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

PKR has introduced the jungle culture into the parliment. Don't they deserve it? They do.

Anonymous said...

Mamat ni baca ke tidak berita ni main komen komen je.
Marah betul nampak.

Anonymous said...

Pandikar Amin? he's being a real bastard...Wan Junaidi?...also a real bastard..umno? all of them BASTARD!!

Anonymous said...

the right prson to be the Speaker is RPK for he speaks without fear and favor

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