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Jan 17, 2008


T-shirts selling like hot cakes

T-shirt humour: Saw with some of the humorous T-shirts designed by him at his
Central Market stall yesterday. – NORAFIFI EHSAN / The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The white top has screaming imprints Lingam was speaking to me! It’s one of the hottest selling T-shirts in town.

The ongoing Lingam video clip inquiry has brought more customers to Patrick Saw's shop asking for the “Lingam T-shirt”.

“I’ve actually had this design for a while but it became a hit and sold like hot cakes since a couple of days ago,” said Saw, who designs T-shirts.

“I update myself with current trends and issues and put them across in a graphic and humorous manner just to keep the people’s interest going,” he added.

“My inspirations come from whatever I see and hear,” the 54-year-old Saw said.

No to street protests, yes to walking around naked and No ethnic cleansing in Malaysia but armpit cleansing aplenty are some eye-catching phrases printed on T-shirts at his T-Junction stall at the Central Market.

Saw said his T-shirts were purely meant to be humorous with no sarcastic meaning in them.

“I am not caustic in my comments. Just to keep things relevant,” he said, adding that all his ‘creations’ were his own ideas.

Asked if he has encountered any trouble, Saw replied: “No, it has been smooth and no trouble so far. But I reckon someone has got to be too narrow-minded to think that the phrases are offensive.
“The idea is for people to look at it and have a good laugh. I get a kick out of seeing people laugh at my designs,” said Saw, who started the business three years ago after returning from living abroad for 30 years.

A former restaurateur, Saw had designed a few images as decorative items for his outlets in Hong Kong and was asked to produce them in T-shirts.

“Well it has been a business for three years now and I am pleased that the response has been good,” he said, adding that his first designs were the “Mickey Maos” based on the Chinese military and political leader, Mao Zedong.

No2umnO - Good job, Patrick Saw's shop, why don't you produce another design with writings "The threaten letter to S. Krishnasamy was sent by me"


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