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Jan 17, 2008

Oh no ! NOT RELA ...please !


What do you get when you dress-up a "failed wannabe" cop or soldier in a real uniform, with no "professional" training, complete with handcuffs, baton or perhaps even a gun and give him powers to demand to check your personal documents and arrest if you cannot produce them ? You get RELA !

Yes... these "part-time" cops/soldiers/enforcers have gotten more power, thanks to the soon-to-be "take-over" of the management of depots housing illegal immigrants ( here) proudly initiated by our Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (pic. above) !

RELA-loosely made up of mostly "wannabes" have had a notorious reputation of once photographing an illegal female urinating after being arrested a raid at a night-spot and after 3 hours, who couldn't hold her bladder....remember that incident ? And do you also remember the many illegals extorted of cash when rounded-up by these morons at "kongsis" and the poor illegal who drowned in a river, while being pursued by this ruthless half-baked idiots with little or no proper training who masquerade as police and enforcement officers ? To the eyes of an illegal anyone in a uniform is assumed, vested with powers to arrest him/her....so naturally when caught they have to beg for mercy and are in turn negotiated to either pay-up or offer "other" services (if the illegal in question here is a female , right ?) Don't pretend you do not know of these and other goings-on....sheeesh, where have you been ??

I've heard of friends who have been to "visit" some of these detainees and they've confessed that it cost a detainee RM10.00 to "borrow" a cell phone from guards to make a local call amongst others !! Can you believe it ? Of course there are other ways to "make that payment" too..... especially if you're a female detainee, and a good-looking one too ........get my drift ?? Whether in cash or kind, there's big money in these "part-time" jobs !!

It is just that if these activities were exposed these squealer's would be further victimised.....whether they are in a holding/detention camp or in prison !

And who says we're not a police state...... of course we are...when we dress everyone in uniform, why not....and more contracts to top-up the already lucrative uniform-making tailors !

And while we're on the subject of "part-time" jobs....even the most dreaded scumbags of our society... the infamous "mat-rempits" are soon to be "gainfully employed" by UMNO Youth........providing transport services to polling stations, during the coming elections ! Hmmmmmm.......their "passengers" would either be raped or robbed or both even before they can arrive at the polling stations, trust me !

Read my earlier posting on this RELA buggers .... here !

Why not use our National Service "kids" to do the above jobs instead ?Huh...they'd be cheaper...in fact for free, they've got uniforms, educated to Form 5 and they would actually be doing the nation a meaningful service ! Cost effective ? Less contracts given out ? No......? Just a loose thought man.......hmmmmm!


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