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Jan 3, 2008


YouTube yearns for minister's sex tape
Posted by Matthew Moore

The most watched clip on YouTube for the last few days is titled "Malaysia Minister of Health's Sex DVD Adventure", a teasing reference to the adulterous video that has forced the resignation of Chua Soi Lek, the country's health minister. Posted on Jan 1, it has already had nearly a million hits.

But users hoping (or dreading) to see a 60-year-old man's extra-marital indiscretions will be disappointed (relieved). The clip is just a composite of news reports of the scandal, with only a few grainy seconds of hotel bedroom footage that have been widely broadcast on TV. Any more prurient content would, of course, have been deleted by YouTube.

The reason for the clip's popularity, I sense, is the engrained faith of Internet surfers in the wisdom of crowds. 'It's on the Most Viewed list so it must be good', is the maxim by which many of us choose which articles and videos to visit on our favourite websites.

Usually it works - the Internet is a highly effective sorter of wheat from chaff. But throw in a spicy headline and the public's lust for political humiliations, and the system rather comes undone.

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