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Jan 24, 2008

We are a welfare state that consistently maintain the poor as poors

PAS or UMNO 'unrealistic'?

  • The Malays agree with what UMNO did in the name of BN .
  • The Bumiputeras agreed that the NEP benefits them and they want the NEP.
  • The Malaysian automobile owners agreed with the tens of billions used to fund fuel subsidy which provides the neighbouring countries privileges from our welfare system.
  • Malaysians enjoyed many other subsidies such as rice, wheat, flour, sugar and most essential food.

We are a welfare state; that's certain. However, we are a welfare state that consistently maintain the poor as poors. We are a welfare state that divide our citizens into two category - Human & unHuman, a Bumi or a NoBody.

We are a welfare state that give APs to a few Bumis who became billionaires by virtue of selling the APs. We are a welfare state that lands to the Bumi rich and made them richer.

We are a welfare state that made a railway gatekeeper a billionaire. We are a welfare state that ordinary Malays owns palaces.

We are a welfare state that award projects to Malays, largely from UMNO (and include Indians in UMNO), and few others, and then they go and sell these projects to Chinese and Indians who then had to "engage" a Bumiputera partner by registering his interest at 30% who is then required to sign back a blank transfer form of that interest with a caveat that he will get a Mercedes Benz and a holiday trip to New Zealand or Spain with his girlfriend, plus monthly pocket monies and some financial contributions to some "Building funds".

Penang 2nd Bridge was awarded to a Bumi company (UEM) who then sells it to Chinese company from China (CHEC) . Bakun Dam was also given to a Chinese company from China. So you see, the Chinese benefited from the NEP!!!

The Double-tracked Railway from Seremban to Gemas is awarded to Indian Railway (IRCON). So you see, Indians had benefited from the NEP.

We are a welfare state; no doubt! More so, we are a charitable state. Our subsidies of multi billions in petroleum and fuel had help to cross subsidize Singaporeans, Thais and Indonesians. Bernas smuggled rice even though they had APs. Our welfare state had bailout PKFZ in billions and many others who had failed.

We are charitable, and will continue to do so.


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