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Feb 13, 2008

Another rubbish plan by Abdullah Badawi!


Refer to my last blog I already said Badawi is so good at giving empty plans or rubbish plans. Yesterday yet again he told Malaysian that Sarawak could be a modern and develop state, and that it needs RM 340 Billion to build it.

Let's face the reality! Do we really have that much of money to spend? What about the IDR? What happen to the Northern Corridor he promised? Where do the East Coast Economic Corridor lies then?

I think most of Malaysian are very fed-up and numb with what these two useless PM and DPM said over the months. What they are saying now is purely trying to lift up the nation's spirit and that it's a hint that the next GE is just around the corner, so by saying so they (BN) hopes to attract some voters in their favour.

Surely you all smart voters know where the vote goes comes the GE, and regardless of what they are or trying to do now, tick your vote with your sincere heart and clearest state of mind. Wherever your ticks goes, that's the party that going to serve you for the next 4 yrs plus!


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