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Feb 13, 2008

Dissolve Parliament already-lah!


Yesterday on the 8pm news, PM Abdullah Badawi was quite vehement in denying that he would dissolve Parliament today (13 February 2008). This was reported in Bernama and The Star as well. I saw that bit of news, because I am caught up in the excitement of the General Elections. I always am, every election.

I’m so excited I just wish he would dissolve Parliament and get on with it already! I mean the election machinery is groaning away, raring to go; lists of candidates have been drafted and cut and pasted and sliced and diced by the various political parties; incumbents and new faces are lobbying so hard to be fielded you’d think they were running for President of the United States of America.

Yet, the PM refuses to announce the dissolution.

Until today that is.

A short while ago, I saw on Petaling Street that the PM Abdullah Badawi has called for a press conference at his office this afternoon at 12.30pm. Is Parliament to be dissolved today as the whole country has speculated?

I’m actually not surprised at the turn of events. A year ago, he was asked repeatedly by reporters if he was going to get re-married to which he denied vehemently. A short while later, he announced his impending marriage. I guess the dissolution of Parliament is going to go down the same route?

Deny everything and then confirm all the rumours and rife speculation. Dah biasa-lah tu!

So, come on, put us out of our misery and just dissolve Parliament why don’t you?!


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