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Feb 24, 2008

Islam Hadhari is scary…scarier than PAS…


Not trying to freak you out but serious big time Islamisation is going on with Badawi’s Hadhari. Well, Anwar implemented ROUND ONE. But now, it’s like BIG TIME man. Maybe I was still young during Anwar’s time when he first hopped over to UMNO on a red carpet.

1. On my way up to Kota Bahru, I listened to Radio 1 (RTM). They were reciting Koran verses. It was like some quote of the day or “moral hour” on radio. I am not sure if this is new cos I remember they had prayers over state-owned radio but not this random peppering of Koran verses in between pop songs (haram?). Gave me goosebumps too. The last thing we need is an appearance of holiness when everything stinks from the rot at the core. Then listened to some jingle asking us to vote….

2. Another huge mosque at Terengganu Mentri Besar Idris Jusoh’s constituency. This one looks beautiful but so out of place in Jerteh. The place is like some no man’s land village and some shophouses. Then there is this huge Persian mosque…..Hmmmmmm, if only salvation was a bunch of buildings.

3. All this Islam Hadhari things are so in my face in Terengganu that when I arrived in Kelantan, it was almost a relief. Strange yar. So many Islam Hadhari posters around in Terengganu.

4. The scariest part….Islam Hadhari is so vague but looks like it’s already making Malaysia into a fake Islamic nation. All Islamic nations are fake lah. Corrupt. It’s impossible to have God’s kingdom on Earth. But you should still try. I know I shouldn’t judge but should the guy who married his first wife’s brother’s wife be representing ANY religion.

Fanatics. Well since UMNO is already Islam. And PAS too. Hobson’s choice…really….


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