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Feb 24, 2008


Disappointed supporters of dropped candidates throng PM's residence

Disappointed supporters of dropped candidates have started converging at the Prime Minister's Department. Even the prime minister's official residence, Komplek Sri Perdana, was not spared.

On Thursday, four buses, carrying 240 supporters of an MP whose name was not in the list, arrived at Sri Perdana at 10.30pm last night. One of the buses headed towards the PM's Department but was told to leave by security and police officers.

The bus later joined the others at Sri Perdana and the group, including some children, only left after a representative handed over a memorandum to an officer in the PM's Department, 10 minutes before midnight.

Over at the Prime Minister's Department, about 40 supporters of a Menteri Besar started "camping" outside the guardhouse. When the Menteri Besar left the building at 11pm, the vehicles, mostly luxury cars, also left.

This "unsightly" sight is expected to prevail until tomorrow, which is the nomination day.
Since three days ago, scores of reporters and cameramen had been taking up strategic spots outside the main entrance to get the latest news on states' candidacy from state Barisan Nasional liaison leaders who had been going in and out of the building with their lists.

Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, who did not mind stopping by for interviews, made the day for these tired reporters, no mean feat for those who started their stake out as early as 7.30am right up to the wee hours of the morning daily. Even searing heat failed to be a dampener.

An officer in the PM's Department said this was the first time he had witnessed such intense lobbying by candidates and supporters.

"They are so thick-skinned,” he said. “They should know that when their time is up, they should be ever ready to let it go in a graceful manner,"

Another MP and two aides arrived at the PM's Department slightly after 10pm. The MP said he wanted to see the prime minister to submit his report card and to know why he was dropped.

Asked why he had come late at night, he replied: "We had just arrived from Sabah. I just want the PM to know what I have done for my voters but the guards would not let me in. See, my report card is clean."


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