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Feb 24, 2008


ImageAlt. media for Kelantan campaigners

KOTA BARU: PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidates in the Malay heartland state of Kelantan are making use of alternative media to get their messages across and their votes in.

Kelantan PAS has created its own Internet-based television broadcast portal called Global Media Channel at www.ipglobal.tv, which would see PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa conducting daily media briefings.

After nominations are closed Sunday, there will be daily round-the-clock transmission of the Islamist party's activities particularly in Kelantan, said Global Media Channel Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Syed Azizi Syed Abdul Aziz.

Husam, in his inaugural broadcast for the election, touched on PAS’ national manifesto of turning Malaysia into a “welfare-state”, saying it defined prudent management of the country as it was also a bedrock of an Islamist form of governance.

Meanwhile, PKR candidate Saifuddin Nasution already began his campaign for the Machang parliament seat three weeks ago by setting up his own text-messaging service (SMS) that allow him to interact with constituents.

Constituents would be able to send SMSes to request for his biodata, campaign locations and dates or to donate to his campaign fund.

“The idea came from what US Democrat candidate Barack Obama is doing which has been very successful over there. I spoke to some American friends and they said to give it a try.

“To set it up only cost about RM5,000 and I have a team that will handle it for me,” he said, adding that he would also be making house-to-house visits to reach the 49,000 registered voters.

But while Saifuddin is comfortable with the use of IT to aid his campaign, his Umno incumbent opponent Datuk Sazmi Miah said he did not believe it was the right way to campaign in Kelantan.

“It is not the Kelantan-style to use SMSes to communicate with the voters. I will still be going house-to-house to meet the constituents.

“When it comes to politics, touching the hearts of the people is what is important,” Sazmi said.

Saifuddin’s name became known in the political circles when he beat the Barisan candidate in the 2000 Lunas by-election.


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