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Mar 18, 2008

BA candidates were more professionals than UMNO?

Revamped UMNO, Revamped BN

This might cause a stir to whom who cant really take reality.

I write this for the sake of UMNO and Malaysia.

UMNO should see that all opposition parties candidates were from professionals sectors (engineers, doctors, lawyers, corporate leaders, finance sectors, etc) and most of them are overseas educated, whom have wide open minds and can accept criticism.

UMNO on the other hand, mostly were government servant, teachers, penghulus, businessmen, self-made politician and etc. No doubt about it that some are from the professionals but they are handful. And no doubt about it that mostly are educated people, but do they have the mindset as what 30-40% of the voters?.. Are they sync with the 30-40% of the voters?..

Another advantage points for the opposition is the power of internet!. Jeff Ooi was not anti-government at first, but he is the voice of the people who sought to solve problems. I have to admit Micheal Chong of MCA did a great job, but what has UMNO done? Maybe MARA but how long MARA will sustain for the Malays ONLY?

I have to agree that UMNO fielded 'new blood', but those 'new blood' were too aggressive to win. The Rakyats tend to move away from those people or without realising, the raykat were pushed accident ly aside by the 'new blood'.

Its not relevant that BN to be a single race party, but the track records shows how effective UMNO-MCA-MIC and Other coalition party worked together. Its just that UMNO, MCA, MIC and GERAKAN need to choose a new set of generation of leaders, who made up from the 30-40% of Malaysian voters, who are the young professionals.

All these points is applicable to MCA, MIC GERAKAN and other component parties.

I love UMNO, and I will be an UMNO member all my life because my family member were those few built UMNO since the British occupancy. I have to admit, some principals from before were deviated a little bit, but it still remains as a MALAY party, and its for the MALAYS to work with other races with harmony, peace and togetherness. Even UMNO is the opposition fence at some state, UMNO will uphold the rights of the Malays.

My comments and opinion are to revamp UMNO to suit the current lifestyle. Malaysians now are much aware of their rights and responsibility. The newly elected government needs to cater the needs for these sections. UMNO should field more 'people friendly' representative, who stays with the communities and not at such high end enclave in Damansara Heights nor some Bukit Antarbangsa. UMNO and BN should see the biggest chunk of demographic rakyat at that place. For example,in Subang Jaya, people tend to vote Hannah Yeoh because people gone to school with her or chill out together at Subang Parade or studied in Australia together. The contender were a housewife. Apart from her small community of friends, who else knows her?

Please dont get me wrong, but my criticism is to make UMNO better and I know my opinion seldom be agreed by all.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to be an UMNO member all your life. You only need to be an UMNO member as long it is a just party, a relevant party, an honest party and a fair party. Should that not happen and it is seems it is happening, then neither religion nor conscience dictates that someone should support such entity. You can't say I will be an UMNO life member because my family members were in the same party. That's an archaic mentality that belongs to the past. You have a choice to make and that choice can't be based on family whims, emotions and grandstanding. By the way, PAS too represents Malays, PKR (KeADILan) too represents Malays. Therefore, it should be made clear that no party can claim to represent Malays or have an exclusive agreement with the heavens to be the sole voice of the Malays. Malays are not a bunch of hapless people at the mercy of anyone. Malays need God and not a party that uses Malay name for political expediency and personal pelf and power. We came along way to change that simplistic mentality. Therefore, as much as you would like to admonish UMNO, you too should look yourself at the mirror.

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