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Mar 18, 2008

Malaysia’s new ‘kitchen’ cabinet very hot!



Looks like PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is being prudent here. Ministries are slashed from from 32 to 27, only 17 ministers were retained and only five maintained their old portfolios. (see full list of cabinet here)

As usual, UMNO got the most places in the cabinet, with merely a sprinkling of other BN members like the MCA and MIC. Some appointments are controversial, like Abdullah himself for Finance Minister. Isn’t that dangerous? Where is the check and balance, if at all, there is a mechanism for one?

Having Sharir Abdul Samad and Zaid Ibrahim, both outspoken UMNO members, show that Abdullah is capable of handling criticisms himself, doesn’t he? These two will keep him in check, I hope.

It’s good that AP Queen and Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz has been axed - she’s been warming her seat too long with too many controversies and arrogant remarks. And of course, it is only right that his spoiled son-in-law didn’t get any piece of the pie on the kitchen.

The Housing Ministry is really like a house - it’s Minister handed down from brother to brother. Huh! On Ka Chuan is now Housing Minister. Now we know why Ong Ka Ting didn’t want a Minister’s position in the Cabinet, and it’s nothing to do with taking responsibility for the bad MCA showing in the 12th General Elections!

I hate the big mouth Nazri Aziz, who’s still frothing from the mouth in PM’s department. With this guy presence and stupid remarks, BN is sure to be wiped out in the coming 13th GE! So, let him stay.

Looks like Tengku Adnan, the dimwit Minister, who called all women bloggers liars and jobless have been shown out the door as well. The same goes for the likes of MIC loser S Samy Velu …am I glad or not!

But bringing back Taib Muhamad Muhamad is indeed merciless. After embrassing all Malaysians in Australia (with his extra cash controversy at the Immigration), he is now rewarded for being the best propaganda master for UMNO. It’s pays, it does pay.

But with his appointment, the road to a Malaysia without BN is near, very near. I believe that Abdullah is secretly an Opposition supporter. Ha, ha, ha…

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