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Mar 18, 2008

TV3 has no BALLS

TV3 news-utter rubbish

I have been an ardent fan of TV3 news ever since its inception, but after 8th March 2008, i have decided enough is enough. TV3 presents news of Malaysian politics fit fot rubbish dumps of Chow Kit Road. Imagine, just becos BN did not do well, their journalism reports have taken a slide. What makes me surprise is that, there wasn't a coverage of the PKR-DAP-PAS victories or commentaries of the CM of Penang's visit to the rakyat. No news on the developments of Selangor under its new leadership.

What i see is, TV3 covers only good reports showing BN successes and the good that the Govt has done. Whatever happened to fair and justified reporting ? TV3 news of politics is in no way near to Al Jazeera or even Bernama News at Astro Channel 502.

TV3 takes pain in covering Lingam's case, Altantuya's case and other top stories, now i wonder, why they dont cover news on Datuk Khir Toyo? Or wheres ur news on the Information Minister who lost the elections? You people only cover stories that pleases they powers to be. Heck!!

I dont blame the newsreaders (they are educated better than the Media Prima directors)
but the owners who got no balls to say the TRUTH. That is why the Goverment is like this.
Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the DAP and PAS leaders.

Meanwhile , i will have to thank the good people in Harakah Daily and Malaysia today, plus not forgeting Malaysiakini for giving us unbias truthful news. I now know why ur news are not accepted by the mainstream media. These people plus the govt just dont like TRUTHs.

If they go on like this, i'm sure in the next election PKR-DAP-PAS will form the next goverment.
The truth shall prevail, all evil doer will pay for their follies. Datuk Aziz Shamsudin, Datuk Maidin, Datuk Samy Vellu and others have paid the price, even the wealth u accumulate you wont be able to enjoy it, some can testify for it. U can build a big mansion, but what happen is, you end up 6ft underground. Life is like That.

Lastly, i end here by saying : TV3 has no BALLS to report fairly!


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