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Mar 24, 2008

The case of Menghina Raja Melayu

Need I say more ?
Malaysia has it's fair share of conspiracy theorist, and for a long time, I have an nagging feeling UMNO has no love lost for the Malay Rulers. They have longed for a "Malay Republic" (in the Indonesian model).

Am I right ?
I think we should stop the March of Penentang Malaysian Union for our Merdeka Parade.
After all :
1 - UMNO has no respect for the Malay Rulers any longer
2 - Malayan Union was formed in 1946, that was a full 62 years ago.
Let's say these Penentangs were 20 years old then, they would have been 80 years old.
How many 80 year-olds were there in the Merdeka parade ?
It's a farce, a charade, to project UMNO as the protector and saviour. They are not, UMNO is a political party, they serve themselves, and they enrich themselves.

After all Terengganu is where the petro-dollars is.
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