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Mar 24, 2008

As I promise... Terengganu 'New MB' under ACA probe..

A politician or political leader or public official who helps friends, family members, and supporters may seem praiseworthy in some societies and corrupt in others.

State Assemblyman for Kijal Datuk Ahmad Said today received the letter of appointment as the new Terengganu Menteri Besar from the Regency Advisory Council (MPPR) at a closed-door ceremony at Istana Tetamu, here this morning.

Ahmad, 51, received the letter of appointment from the head of the Council, Tengku Sri Panglima Raja Tengku Baderulzaman, witnessed by two other members of the Council, Tengku Sri Laksamana Raja Tengku Sulaiman Sultan Ismail and former Federal Court Judge, Datuk Abdul Kadir Sulaiman.
AND... his move can put him in trouble.

Despite being sacked from Umno, after stern warning from Umno leader including BN and Umno secretary-general, Tengku Adnan, Ahmad Said now had to face investigation and action from the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

It's is learn that the officer from state ACA office start their investigation last year. Ahmad Said is an Exco in-charge on housing and local goverment before 12th general election on March 8.

The ACA officer also take three file on three goverment project. The cost of the projek is up to million of ringgit. All three papres was sent to ACA headquarter in Putrajaya recently.

Among the project is upgrading state road at tha Bandar Baju Kijal (under Kemaman district office - 1st). The amount is more than RM2 million. Second is upgrading state road to Bandar Baru Kijal (under Kemaman distric office - 2nd). Total cost is RM1.6 million and shop lot in Bandar Baru Kijal under Kemaman local goverment. Project cost is more than a million.

Ahmad Said is also Kemaman Umno division chief.

ACA also investigate him under another three project. There is Dewan Besar Seri Amar in Chukai. The project cost is RM13.7 million but was up to RM19 million. And another project that involve more than RM3.8 million, also in Chukai.

It's is learn that Ahmad Said also had another scandal with 'someone' in Kemaman.


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