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Mar 31, 2008


Maths prodigy who won an Oxford place at 13 is now a £130-an-hour HOOKER


At the time her father bizarrely claimed Sufiah had been kidnapped and brainwashed by an organisation seeking the key to her intelligence.

But Sufiah sent an email to her family describing her life under her father as a "living hell".

One message to her sister read: "I've finally had enough of 15 years of physical and emotional abuse. You know what I am talking about."

Sufiah was missing for two weeks before being found in an internet café in Bournemouth where she had been working as a hotel waitress.

She refused to go back to her parents and instead was taken into the care of social services.

It was then revealed that Farooq had been jailed for three years in 1992 for his part in a £1.5m mortgage swindle. Before that—at the age of 19—he had been sent to borstal for his role in a conspiracy involving £100,000.

Free from the spell of her father, Sufiah returned to Oxford to complete the final year of her Masters in Maths.

But she was now more concerned with enjoying herself—and failed to finish the course after meeting trainee lawyer Jonathan Marshall. more...

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Anonymous said...

Real tragedy. How it could be? Such a smart child turn into hooker I really feel worst for her.
Hopefully some good hearted Malaysians would come forward to put her on track. Still not too late for her to make life meaningful.

Anonymous said...

bawak balik malaysialah...tarbiah dan sapa2 yang baik ambik jadi bini...banyak pahala tu...takbir

Anonymous said...

this might sound paranoid tp rse nye ni mgkn kerja musuh2 islam sbb xnk diorng kuasai ilmu 2.sbb based on fact,dalam manhattan project;projek yg hasilkan bom atom yg musnahkan jepun,saintis2 prjek 2 mostly pakar math..pakar fizik brape kerat je...genius mlysia pn kena..amalina 2 dgr khbr...ehm..ada sorng 2 plak murtad trus..

mangchikla said...

budak nih dah sakit jiwa. ntah ntah dah kene molest ngan bapak die. Die pon ade cakap yg die prefer "older gentlemen". Satu cite yg amat menyayat hati..

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