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Apr 29, 2008


khir toyo 181207Balkis accounts 'not audited or finalised'

NST - External auditors for the Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation (Balkis) yesterday said the charity's accounts for 2007 were never audited or finalised, contrary to claims by Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

The former menteri besar on Sunday said the accounts of the charity for the previous year were finalised, before RM9.9 million was transferred to the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti).

Yee Choon Kong & Co, in a faxed statement, said the financial statement of Balkis was unaudited and the accounts not finalised before the funds were transferred.

Company principal Yee Choon Kong said he never issued a duly signed audit report in respect of the conduct and financial affairs of Balkis for the financial year ending Dec 31 last year.

He said the firm was appointed as external auditors for Balkis at the last annual general meeting on June 30 last year.

Yee said his firm, on a number of occasions, had called the treasurer of Balkis, Datin Suraimi Sapuan, to send financial records for auditing.

"We wanted bank statements, official receipt books, payment vouchers, supporting documents, fixed deposit receipts, payment vouchers, minutes of meetings and details of membership and subscription list to enable us to conduct the annual financial audit.

"Our calls to the treasurer remained unanswered."

Yee said they had no knowledge of new auditors being appointed to replace his firm.

"In any event, the Institute of Accountants by-laws impose an obligation on new auditors not to accept the role without consulting existing auditors."

He said his firm had received no inquiries from any new firm of auditors.

Yee said contrary to a press report, at no time did Balkis past president Datin Zaharah Kechik nor any members of Balkis or Dr Khir consult him prior to the transfer of the money.

It was earlier reported that Balkis had "consulted" its auditors and its legal adviser before making the transfer and there was no hanky-panky involved.

Meanwhile, Dr Khir, when contacted by the New Straits Times yesterday, refused to make any comments regarding Balkis.

"My lawyer has advised me not to make any further comments."


Anonymous said...


guna gambar ni utk khir toyo yg tak hensem:


rasaBijak said...

sekali tgk gmbar kat sanggahtoksago teringat kat APE.. heheh

(APE = beruk monyet org utan)

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