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May 29, 2008

Ezam and 3 boxes full of Altantuya’s photos?

Sloone - [...] Ezam told Isham that the recoding was done by a KGB although he is uncertain how the video tape has fallen into Ezam’s hands. But according to Ezam again, a webmaster, is now in procession of those recordings. What say you, dotty?

Hahaha! Betul ke, Isham? Those boxes were post-1998. Do you mean Ezam has in his posession three new boxes? We do not know…but me thinks, those boxes are all about Mahathir Mohammad’s ‘corruption, cronyism and nepotism’.

So, is Ezam a traitor? ‘No”, says Isham. Let him tell you why.

(Alow me to provide a translation in English of his article - on some interesting points that he made only).

Isham says Ezam would never desert his political ideals. Didn’t he say that he will always fight for the oppressed, for the minorities?

Joining UMNO was the perfect decision for Ezam. Because since the 12 General Tsunami (elections), UMNO has become a minority, the oppressed.

So, Ezam is not a traitor. We should all learn from him. We should all learn to fight for the oppressed. Does anyone among you believe that UMNO has not be oppressed?

Just imagine. The time is coming when UMNO’s component members - MCA, MIC and gerakan- will jump ship to join PAKATAN RAKYAT. They are willing to forsake their beliefs for a new master.

Well done, Ezam! You have been loyal to your political ideology of defending the weak and fighting the mighty. You also recognise Dollah as the weakest leader in the country’s political history. You will be his loyal helper.... selanjutnya.

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